Health E-Cigarette Review: In-Detail Analysis Of Health Effects

E-cigarettes are nowadays used as the most common alternative to by those who want to put a full stop on their habit of smoking cigarettes. Whether these electronic alternatives are beneficial in their purpose or not, is the main question of the time. A health e-cigarette review can be used to get a complete knowledge about this matter. It can help us in a deep analysis of what can be the consequences of using these e-cigarettes as an alternative to the normal cigarettes. Before that we must know what a health review is.

What a health review contains

Generally, a health review consists of the review of the product and its effects on human health. To create a health review, a physician qualified enough for the inspection of the product is appointed, who examines the product and provide a detailed opinion on price, packaging, health effects and also provides opinions on user experience and whether it is helpful in quitting the habit of tobacco craving. Many reviews check the quality of atmoiser and the cartridges used in the e-cigarettes being examined. Also, a review compares the quantity and the pricings of the cartridges being offered in the market.

A report by the Daily Mail

                A report by the Daily Mail states that using e-cigarettes could be a reason for the damage of the lungs. It is based on a study in Greece at the University of Athens by the researchers there. According to the report, the study included the investigation of short term effects of e-cigarettes on 32 people. The research was carried out by making people smoke for ten minutes and then performing tests on the lungs and airways. The test results revealed an increase in the airway resistance of those who were either non-smokers or who were smokers, but have no lung conditions, while those having lung problems showed neutral effects on the lungs.

The team concluded with the result that smoking e-cigarettes have an adverse effect on lungs due to an increase in airway resistance. Since, the research was carried out with a quite small number of participants and also it was a short-term study, so, this can’t be stated as the final result. Rather, this can be taken as a beginning in the research for the various after effects of e-cigarettes on the health of a human body and mind.


Other Reviews

  • American Cancer Society and FDA stated a similar health e-cigarette review that the short-term use of such electronic products is less harmful, while the long-term effects are doubtful, due to the fact that the effects of pure nicotine, without the presence of chemicals present in normal cigarettes, is still not known to mankind.
  • Another review found on a certain website states that the person’s son told him about e-cigarettes, due to which he carried a search on his own to search for various after effects of such products. He started using e-cigarettes and as a result after a few years, he stated that he was feeling better and was happy as he can smoke openly and claims that the transition was quite easy and helpful.

How Cigarette Reviews Can Help?

There are many things in the market today which offers hundreds of products which help in quitting smoking habits. There are more than forty five million Americans who smoke cigarettes. According to a recent research and cigarette reviews made by the tobacco control journal smoking quitting methods such as patches and gums are less effective. People try these methods initially but are not able to control their cravings for tobacco cravings. This proves that these alternatives are not much more effective.

Electronic cigarettes use nicotine which satisfies the cravings of smoking. But nicotine is itself an additive element and also has health risks. But there are no cancer causing elements such as glue tar and other additive agents in the e-cigs. People who are willing to quit their smoking habits can slowly reduce the intake of the nicotine as it comes in different strength. Users also get flavored e-liquids with their smoking devices.

Proponents of this innovative technology believe they are more healthful than the traditional type and to a great extend they might assist people in quitting tobacco. According to the researches held a few years ago a survey was made in which hundred e-cig users had agreed that the device helped them quitting their smoking habits.

Even though the electronic cigarettes are less harmful but nobody knows their long term effect on the body. E-cigs have different levels of nicotine delivery systems so it is not yet known the addictive consequences of the e-cigs.  Though if compared to the traditional cigarettes electronic cigarettes are the best alternatives in many ways. They are healthful, cheaper and moreover legal. There are many places such as Canada and Australia where electronic cigarettes are banned.

According to the investigation which was held from July 2010 to June 2011 investigators found out that

  • In the USA e-cig awareness was seventy three percent and in the USA it was twenty percent in the Australia. It is also legal in the USA but banned in the Australia.
  • People between the ages of eighteen to twenty four years were having greater awareness about the product and people having higher income were using the product.
  • More than seventy percent of the respondents agreed that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes.
  • Sixteen percent people had tried electronic cigarette.

Quitting tobacco is not easy so it is very important to know what works and what not. According to the cigarette reviews people who are willing to quit the smoking habits may have tried several times. They may have consulted doctors, talked to friends and might have tried hundreds of quitting smoking. And lastly because electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity, people may be thinking of trying this new device. According to the reviews these devices are highly effective and helped millions of people in quitting smoking. And people also quit their habits faster. Electronic cigarettes only have nicotine as an active ingredient which people can quit slowly trying different strengths. If compared to all the awful chemicals electronic cigarettes is the best way of quitting smoking.